Being a Male Cheerleader

By: Adam Pascuzzi

Being a male cheerleader is probably one of the most interesting sports here at EHS. Apart from being around girls all the time, you get to learn a dance and stunt routine. There is winter cheerleading, where you cheer for the boys at their basketball games, and then there is competitive cheer, where you go to competitions and compete against other squads.

Bryon Braswell and Jeremy Carlson are my two friends who decided to try it out with me first. Sadly, a football injury caused Bryon Braswell to not able to make a return for his senior year. However, in our junior year, we got the highest score in Eisenhower history for cheerleading. Throughout the two years I have been cheerleading, I have acquired six medals, mostly for toe touches. In my opinion, competitive cheerleading is the most fun. For anybody who hasn’t had the experience of cheerleading or tried learning the stunts and routine, it is way harder than it looks, believe me. I asked my Coach, Tara Williams, and my cheer brother, Jeremy Carlson about their experience Cheerleading.

The Squire: What is it like to coach boys?

Tara Williams: It was definitely interesting; they made practice easy going, enjoyable and entertaining!

TS: What approaches do you take in having them practice?

TW: I went about things simple at first, but, surprisingly, the boys tended to catch on better than I expected.

TS: How did you react knowing you were going to have boys cheerleading?

TW: To be honest, I was intimidated by the boys at first. I was eager to see what they could all do and how far they each would come.

TS: What made you do Cheerleading?

Jeremy Carlson: The very sweet Coach Tara Williams and attractive male cheerleaders.

TS: What is your favorite thing about participating?

JC: Getting the thrill of working with my brother to succeed in throwing females.

TS: What was your favorite memory during cheerleading?

JC: It was either the stretching or the famous quote, “What is the worst that could happen?”

It may be hard at first, but once you learn everything it is so much fun, especially having the coaches and friends I had. There have been many unforgettable memories with my cheer squad at these competitions. I am glad that I decided to give cheerleading a try because I do not regret it at all and I encourage any other males interested to give it a try.


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