Homecoming Court Takes the Spotlight

By: Dominick Giannini

As the football action slowed down Friday night, the true homecoming excitement was only beginning to pick up. Twelve deserving seniors, along with two attendees from each class, took their rightful place under the lights to see who would win the coveted titles of Homecoming Royalty.

First came the freshman attendees, Iris Danielson and Alex Durante. Following them were sophomore power couple Delaney Nizzi and Ethan Chambers (represented by Cyrus Hazeltine). Representing the junior class was dynamic duo Terry Lee Talasky and Ross Venman (represented by Nicholas Smelko Jr.). After what seemed like an eternity, the seniors arrived. First was Madi Hultman, escorted by soccer star Jacob Harvey, followed by Shanna Peters escorted by Adam Pascuzzi (represented by Chase Elmquist), Lakia Hedman escorted by Jeremy Carlson (represented by the dashing Dominick Giannini), Emily Satterfield escorted by Thomas Warren (represented by Jack Reynolds), Emily Bailey escorted by Spencer Gray (represented by Jacoby Ruttenbur), and Lauren Honhart escorted by Bryon Braswell (represented by Justin Perrin).

The suspense mounted as the crowd waited for the senior winners to be announced. Finally, Mrs. Slattery, the student council advisor, announced the King and Queen- Thomas Warren and Emily Bailey. Emily shared her reaction with the Squire as “OMG. WOW.” While Thomas stated his as “Speechless, stunned that I actually won.” In past years, Thomas’ brother and sister have both won titles as Homecoming royalty, so Thomas is thrilled to carry on the family tradition.

On the flip side of that coin, The Squire caught up with Homecoming hopeful, senior Adam Pascuzzi, to find out what it feels like to come within inches of high school glory, only to fall short. Adam stated, “When I found out, I had trouble dealing with the wave of emotions that came with such an embarrassing defeat. I even had trouble preforming for the rest of the game.” Maybe Adam will have another chance at a royal title when prom rolls around this spring.

With such an impressive crew on court this year, the decision must have been hard to make. But regardless of who you voted for, make sure to congratulate your new king and queen.

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