Eisenhower Welcomes New Student Council Advisor

By: Brittany Arp

A new school year brings with it new classes, new experiences, and…a new Student Council advisor! As many of us know, previous advisor Mrs. Smith passed on the torch to a different face this year. Brand new to Eisenhower High, Miss Slattery took over the club and all of the responsibilities, including the Homecoming dance. The Squire met with Miss Slattery for the inside Homecoming scoop.

The Squire: Where did you teach before?

Amanda Slattery: Before teaching at Eisenhower Middle/High School, I taught at Tidioute Community Charter School for 10 years. I also did 1/2 a year at Eisenhower Elementary School.

TS: What classes do you teach?

AS: I am a special education teacher, but I do co-teach a Math 7, a Math 6, and an ELA7 class. When I am not co-teaching, I have students in my classroom for academic support.

TS: How do you like Eisenhower?

AS: I absolutely love working at Eisenhower. The teachers, staff, and students are amazing. Everyone has been very welcoming and is helping guide me through my first year.

TS: Why did you want to be the Student Council advisor?

AS: I had no choice…lol. Actually, I chose to become the Student Council Advisor so I could become more active within the school. I enjoy getting to know the students and being involved within the school community.

TS: What was the most difficult part of planning homecoming?

AS: Everything! This is my first year at a new school, as well as my first year as Student Council Advisor. I had no clue what I was doing. I also had a small amount of time to prepare, which made things a little stressful. The students couldn’t tell I was stressed though, so it made things go smoothly for them.

TS: How do you think the dance went overall?

AS: I feel that the dance went very well. From talking with students, they enjoyed themselves. Most students enjoyed the DJ too.

TS: What other events will Student Council be holding this year?

AS: Student Council would like to hold an apparel sale in November and December. They would also like to have another dance in January, but plans for that are still being discussed and need approved. For Teacher Appreciation Week, the Student Council will hold a breakfast for teachers, as well as show teachers how much they are appreciated throughout the week.

Being the new kid to a school can be quite challenging, but taking on the responsibilities as an advisor is a huge task in itself. The Squire wishes Miss Slattery the best of luck on her first year at EMHS and we can’t wait to see to what new heights she takes Student Council.

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