Studying for Finals Week

By: Justin Perrin

Are you nervous for the finals at the end of the year? Well, here are some tips for you to help you study for these tests and get a better overall grade on your final this year.

I am a staff member of the EHS Squire News, and I’m here to help you pass all these challenging finals coming up here in a couple of months. Finals week is already so frustrating and stresses everyone out because all students are looking forward to summer and enjoying time in the sun with your friends and family. Some kids just don’t worry about the tests and have no problem getting a good score on it. They have their own strategy for studying, but we can’t all be that lucky.  Here are some of the tips for the kids that are getting stressed out over finals this year.

According to, some of the top study tips include creating your own study guide, and asking questions to your peers and quizzing them, or vice versa. The third best tip is to attend a review session. For example, you can join the class if they’re reviewing the day before or something. There are several different ways to help you study for finals and some kids don’t even have to study, but it is always better to study just to make sure. I usually just study by myself or I will study with one of my friends.

In order to do your best, there are more things to worry about during finals besides studying. You need to stay focused and always get enough sleep; you should at least get eight solid hours of sleep. You want to stay focused so you can think and actually get more questions correct. Doing the best you can do on the finals and getting a good grade can help you – the better grade you get, and the better overall grade you get for the year. If you are lacking sleep, and you don’t study, and you just take the tests, you will most likely end up with one of the lower scores in the class. It is good to always try hard in school, whether you’re testing for the finals or not. You should always try your hardest and always get the eight hours of sleep, and you should study for every test you have all year, especially final exams.

Well, that’s it for this week’s topic on The Squire’s end of the school year study tips news, tune in next time for another great topic.

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