Working through the Summer

By: Jacob Hamilton

School is getting ready to let out and spring is in the air; it is every young person’s favorite time. Summer is almost here and everyone is excited for the nice weather and fun times -except for one little bump in the road; mom said you have to start becoming responsible and get a job. The first and most grueling step is the job hunt, which consists of filling out applications, going to interviews, and, the whole time, your parents are on your back. Now is the time to begin looking for the best chance at attaining the job you want.

When you are choosing a job, there are many things to consider. The most basic choice is what kind of place you want to work at. You have a lot to pick from here in Warren County; we have quite the variety, from construction, to fast food, all the way to local farms and markets. Inside those choices are more choices; do you want to be inside in the air conditioning or outside in the sun getting a nice tan? Jake Harvey says, “Working inside would be like going back to school all summer; you can’t get a farmers tan, and you’re being cooped up for another three months.” You decide what you think and start applying!

After you decide on your stipulations for the job, you need to start applying, and make sure you apply to more than one place. You aren’t guaranteed anything you apply for, so putting out two or three immensely increases your odds of getting one. If you apply and get accepted to more than one job, it helps when you go to talk to the employers about what you’re going to make wage-wise. Take into consideration everything about the job you’re applying for and make the best decision you can, because you’re going to be stuck there for a couple months. Good luck with the job hunt!

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