2016 Superbowl Commercials Review

Super Bowl Commercials Steal the Show

By: Dominick Giannini

Although overall quality in Super Bowl Ads has decreased significantly, there are still a few companies that can be counted on to provide viewers with a good laugh in between the football action.

Here are just a few of the best Super Bowl Advertisements.

  1. “Doritos Ultrasound”: Doritos

This commercial was a fan submitted commercial that, while slightly unsettling, was hilarious and accomplished what all advertisers want – attention. The commercial, centered on a couple at the doctor for an ultrasound. The father was distracted by his bag of Doritos, and when the mother realized that he was eating them, she became very upset. We later discover that the baby moved with the Dorito. After the father plays with the child a bit, the mother becomes irritated and throws the chip, which causes the baby to dive for it, inducing labor.


2. “Restricted Bling”: T-Mobile

This commercial features recording artist Drake performing his signature, “Hotline Bling” music video dance. All of the sudden, the music cuts out and executives from, “Big Cellphone” come to suggest changes in his music to match their fine print. These changes include, “Device eligible for upgrade after 24 months.” Drake spoofs himself by saying he, “loves changes,” and allows the executives to enter his box and dance.

3. “Drop the Balls”: T-Mobile

Steve Harvey is the star of this commercial, and the commercial mocks his mistake at the Miss Universe pageant when he accidently announced the wrong winner. T-Mobile takes a shot at their competitor, Verizon, spoofing their commercial in which they used falling balls to demonstrate their superiority over other carriers. Steve comes out and apologizes for the “mistake” that Verizon made in their commercial, reading off what he claims to be the correct answers.

4. “Unfiltered Talk” – Shock Top

Obviously, our students cannot consume the advertised product, however, that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the commercial. This commercial features a back and forth argument between T.J Miller and the handle of a Shock Top draft. They make fun of each other in hilarious ways, including the handle telling Miller that he, “looks like his pet turtle is the only person he can lean on for emotional support,” and that he, “looks like a toddler who took a growth serum.”

5. “Bud Light Party”: Bud Light

Once again, this is not a product The Squire condones the consumption of. This being said, the creativity of the Bud Light marketing division cannot be denied. By bringing in Seth Rogan and Amy Schumer, they create a hilarious commercial full of movie references and political mockeries. Seth Rogan and Amy Schumer are running a faux political campaign, to bring the ideas of the “Bud Light Party” (which was their advertising platform the year before) to the entire United States, as opposed to one town/location.

All in all, advertisers put together an excellent set of Super Bowl commercials. From beverages to fungal medication, every viewer found entertainment in between the action and, in the end, that’s all those commercials are about.

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