EHS math teacher, Mrs. Smith.

Get Ready to Dance the Night Away

By: Taylor Lucks

This winter, EHS Student Council will be hosting a winter Snowball Dance. If you and your friends are looking to do something this winter, then come on down to EHS for a great time.

The Squire interviewed Mrs. Smith for more details.

The Squire: Good Morning, may we ask you some questions about the dance?

Mrs. Smith: Of course!

TS: Where is the dance held and how much will it cost students to get in?

MS: It will be held in the EHS cafeteria and will cost five dollars per student.  There are no pre-sale tickets.

TS: When are we having it? What time is it?

MS: The dance will be on February 20 from 7-10P.M.

TS: Why are we having it?

MS: The dance supports Student Council and is a fundraiser for the club.

TS: What is the theme or decorations?

MS: It is called the Snowball Dance, so we will have snowflakes and other winter decorations.

TS: How do you choose king or queen?

MS: The Junior and Senior classes will nominate six girls for queen and six boys for king and then vote on those options for king and queen

TS: How did Student Council pick this dance to hold as a fundraiser?

MS: They come up with ideas and decide together which ideas are most likely to be fun for the entire student body.

TS: Is this an annual dance?

MS: We are planning to make this an annual dance. Last year, it was cancelled twice so we never actually had it. Even though it was cancelled, we crowned Willy Acklin and Samara Warren as King and Queen, as well as Thomas Warren and Emily Bailey as Prince and Princess.

Thank you, Mrs. Smith, for all the wonderful information.  We hope that everyone will come to EHS and have a great time. Good luck to all the contestants that run for king and queen, prince, and princess.

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