Snowy scene near EHS

How to Sleigh a Snow Day

By: Kate Daugharthy

Each winter, students here at Eisenhower eagerly await snow with hopes of receiving a snow day. Every night, students check the weather and each morning they wake up and check the news, hoping they will be able to go back to sleep.

In our snowy region, the superintendent is frequently faced with the challenge of deciding whether it is safe for students to get to school, and every once in a while he decides that it is not.  On this rare occasion, students must then find the best possible way to spend this wonderful day. Most people spend the day sleeping or watching Netflix, but others prefer to make the best of this day by doing some entertaining snow day activities.

Whether you want to go out into the cold, or stay warm inside, this year be prepared for these days with these fun activities:

  1. Build a fort – Your fort can be either inside and made out of pillows and blankets, or it can be outside and made out of snow.
  2. Go sledding – Good local locations for sledding are Russell Elementary School, West Road in Lander, or it’s always fun to sled ride at hatch patch.
  3. Paint the snow – Fill a spray bottle with some food coloring and water and paint your best festive picture in the snow.
  4. Bake some cookies – Or, wait for Abigail Lundmark to bake some perfect cookies and save yourself the trouble.
  5. Blow bubbles – When the temperatures drop below freezing, the bubbles will freeze in the air as you blow them.
  6. Play tic-tac-snow – Spend some time outside playing and use sticks as the X’s and pine cones as the O’s.
  7. Make some snow ice cream – For some delicious recipes and easy instructions, visit from
  8. Make snow creatures – Be unique and don’t just build a snowman.
  9. Have a snowball throwing contest – Make a target out of the snow paint and see who can throw the best.
  10. Play Pond Hockey – Find some friends, equipment, and a frozen pond, but be certain the pond is frozen enough before venturing out!

Don’t let the dreary, winter days keep you bored inside. Make the best of each snow day using these fun activities brought to you by You can now sleigh every snow day.

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