It's Not Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

It’s Not Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

By: Chris Kibbey

This winter has been abnormally warm. It’s December and we are experiencing very mild temperatures ranging from forty to sixty degrees Fahrenheit. According to usclimatedata, normally in December we have temperatures ranging from twenty-two to thirty-six degrees Fahrenheit. The difference between when the two are compared is substantial. However, people are enjoying this weather and the Eisenhower students don’t seem to miss the snow or freezing temperatures, especially after last year’s harsh winter.

During this time last year, we had almost ten inches of snow. This measurement isn’t counting the snow we already had on the ground. Christmas is looking like it’s going to be without snow this year.

While most of the residents of northwest Pennsylvania are enjoying this mild weather, the students at Eisenhower who are part of the Ski Club are a little disappointed. The abnormal temperatures are making it impossible to keep snow on the hills. The Squire recently interviewed EHS winter weather enthusiasts about this unseasonable weather.

The Squire: What do you think of this warm weather?

Grey Tucker: I think it’s ridiculous and we need snow as soon as possible.

TS: Why do you think it’s so warm?

GT: The increase in the squirrel population.

TS: Would you normally be shredding fresh pow-pow this time of the year?

GT: Not usually, we start after Christmas.

TS: What do you plan on doing if the mild weather continues after the New Year?

GT:  I won’t be skiing that’s for sure.

TS: What have you been doing now that it’s so warm out?

GT: Raging my Honda accord.

The warm temperatures have really put a damper on many winter activities thus far. Little kids aren’t out sled riding or building a snowman. Many are hoping for a white Christmas, but, looking ahead to the weather forecast, it doesn’t seem likely to happen. One thing to look forward to is a lower heating bill and more fun in the sun.

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