EHS Journalism adviser, Ms. Howe enjoys Christmas

Christmas Traditions People Live By

By: Adam Pascuzzi

Christmas is around the corner and the family traditions are starting. Many people have different family traditions for the holiday. We all have different ways of celebrating Christmas. Some go caroling while others may have a certain meal they eat on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. One thing we all have in common, though, is engaging in the tradition of hanging colorful bulbs around the house, going out to buy a Christmas tree, and hanging the ornaments on the tree.

We all spend Christmas with our kids or loved ones during the season. Making cookies is one of the most famous traditions when it comes to Christmas. Almost everyone makes some type of cookie for the holiday. It is also a tradition for the little kids to leave some cookies and a glass of milk out for Santa before they go to bed on Christmas Eve. This might be one of the traditions the kids like doing the most. Having stockings has always been a tradition for Christmas; kids wake up Christmas morning excited to get all type of things in their stockings, ranging from candy to small little gifts.

The Squire sat down with Journalism advisor, Miss. Howe, and asked her what she does for her Christmas tradition.

The Squire: What is your Christmas tradition?

Miss Howe: Every year my sisters come home and we have a big dinner on Christmas Eve and then go to church. On Christmas morning we get up early to open our presents and relax the rest of the day.

TS: What type of food do you eat?

MH: We usually have ham, but last year we did a “Christmas around the world” dinner where everyone in the family makes a different dish from a different country.

TS: Why do you like this tradition?

MH: Everyone is helping out and making different foods and the best part is getting to eat all of the delicious food.

As you can see there are many Christmas traditions. If you are traveling to a relative’s house for the Christmas season make sure to be safe when you are driving. Have fun with your traditions and make sure you cherish those moments with your family, happy holidays.

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