Senior, Alisen Hazeltine, dresses to impress.

Trending Winter Fashion

By: Alisen Hazeltine

As the much anticipated holiday season is approaching, fashion trends are beginning to shift from fall to winter. According to, the upcoming teen fads are set to revolve around comfortable, laid back looks. These ideas are great for living in any cold areas, like ours, during the snowy winter months. These looks will not only keep you looking cool, but keep you from getting cold as well.

Before you begin to go out and shop for new styles, it’s most important to keep in mind that you should choose items of clothing that can be styled in numerous ways. Then, choose your showcase pieces to highlight the rest of your outfit. The most popular clothing styles this season are to be long, cozy sweaters paired with either leggings or skinny jeans. Popular footwear includes boots and moccasins of all shapes and sizes. If you wish to keep warm, some trending brands such as Bearpaw and UGG create adorable, yet cozy footwear designed to be worn in the snowy weather.

The popular colors this season are burgundy, forest green, and shades of tan. To help accent dull colors, choose jewelry or other accessories to make any look pop. Watches and bold earrings both can add a bit of shine and shimmer to any bland outfit. Although, if you’re not all that keen to wearing jewelry, choosing an interesting scarf with a pattern can be an attention grabber as well. Also, knitted beanies ear warmers, and boot socks are comfy ways to keep toasty, but looking stylish at the same time.

Fashion is evolving from month to month, so keep up with new trends by checking out fashion blogs and magazines. As the weather cools down, go shopping for the upcoming season by picking up some of the latest trends to make you stand out this winter. Wishing you all a cozy winter and happy holidays!

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