EHS students show their IKE pride and Christmas spirit

Crazy Christmas Sweater Crafts

By: Dominick Giannini

As the Christmas season is upon us, one tradition that cannot be forgotten is that of the ugly Christmas sweater. A staple of holiday parties, Christmas sweaters can be found in nearly every store this time of year. However, for those with a sense of creativity, basic craft supplies, and an hour to spare, an original Christmas sweater is in reach!

First, you need an idea for your sweater. There are many basic ideas such as a Christmas tree or an elf that can be easily modified into a unique sweater. For this article, we will focus on the Christmas tree theme.

Now you need a sweater. If you don’t already have a sweater you are willing to sacrifice at home, check local thrift shops for a cheap one. When purchasing this sweater, you should look for a couple different things – color and decorations. Since the theme is that of a Christmas tree, the best color is probably a shade of green. Choose a darker green for a more authentic feel or, if you want your sweater to truly be an ugly Christmas sweater, select a brighter shade of green. You should also attempt to purchase a plain sweater with little decoration, as any decorations already there may get in the way.

Now it’s time to decorate! You’re going to need some craft supplies such as colored felt, glitter, colored balls, pipe cleaners, gold or silver garland, scissors and tacky glue. Wrap the garland up the body of the sweater like you would wrap lights up a tree, Then attach the colored balls to the sweater like ornaments. Add glitter to make the sweater really draw attention. If you really want to make the sweater complete, make a star out of felt and pipe cleaners and wear it as a hat or wear real Christmas ornaments as earrings.

Creating your own unique Christmas sweater can be a rewarding and fun experience. It can also add a bit of holiday cheer to your life and the life of others.

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