Eisenhower Hits the Slopes

By: Grey Tucker

Skiing is a high-speed, exhilarating snow sport that has been around as long as anyone can remember. It is often regarded as a ‘rich man’s sport,’ but is actually quite affordable and can be fun for all who participate.

This winter season is not looking very promising for skiing in the lower states of New England; however, snow is still on its way. The optimal conditions for skiing are low wind, no new snow, and a temperature slightly below freezing. Any variations in the weather can make for uncomfortable skiing conditions and cause your skis to “stick,” or feel as though they are being pulled out from under you as you venture down the slopes.

Skiing is an incredibly fun sport, and only gets better as your skill increases; however, it does come with some danger. There are other people to worry about; those who are traveling at unsafe speeds for their skill level or the conditions are more or less comparable to people driving vehicles in an unsafe manner. They can cause accidents and injure, and, in some cases, kill other people on the slopes, which is why it is imperative to always be alert on the hill, and always wear a helmet.

On Brainyquote.com, there is a quote by the great and, unfortunately late, J.P Auclair who stated that, “It is easier to be mediocre on skis than it is to be on a snowboard, but achieving perfection on skis in truly an art.” One may think that they must already know how to ski at, at the very least, an intermediate level in order to ski at one of the local resorts, such as Holiday Valley or Peak N Peak. This is untrue, as all the resorts within a two hour driving range of Warren have a beginner, or “bunny hill,” which features a reduced speed ski lift for easy access, and a very mild slope. There are also lessons available from professional skiers for those who don’t have a partner to teach them. In conclusion, skiing is the perfect winter time activity, so get out there and hit the slopes.

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