New Spring, New Me…Right?

By: William Acklin

I think everyone would agree that we deserve spring time after the harsh winter we have all previously endured in the past few months. It was a very long, cold winter, full of more than enough snow for everyone. Every spring, I usually have a routine that prepares me and gets me excited for summer.

With every upcoming fresh new season of spring, people generally make changes, especially around the house. Many people feel the need to participate in a thorough spring cleaning, both inside the house and outside in the yard and gardens. My spring time cleaning routine would include an extensive organization of my bedroom. I like to pick up everything off of my floor and move things around to vacuum underneath all of my furniture. It’s always nice to come home to a nice clean room, especially in the springtime.

Along with every new spring comes a fresh new haircut, shorter than what I have been used to during the winter. Getting a spring haircut gets me ready and excited for summer. I like having short hair in the summer because it feels cooler and fresher than compared to longer hair in the winter.

During the winter months, I save up money from Christmas, so that I am able to go out and buy some new clothes during all the good sales at the beginning of the spring season. Nothing says spring more like a closet full of new clothes.

I asked a few of my friends what they like to do to prepare themselves for summer during the months of spring. Amber Gardner answered with, “I diet, go tanning to avoid getting burnt lying out in the sun during summer, and I buy summer clothes, including a lot of new cute swim suits.” Anthony Monde replied, “Yes, I go summer shopping and buy like 400 tank tops.” So, like my friends and I this spring, I encourage you to spend this spring preparing yourself for summer to make it the best one it can be.

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