Take Your Winner Out to Dinner

By: Grant Venman

Prom is one of the biggest nights in everyone’s high school experience, and your chances of having a great night are slim without a great meal beforehand. Because you will be getting yourself ready all afternoon and won’t have time to cook something, your best bet for dinner is probably eating out. When eating out, everyone wants good food, excellent service, and to pay without leaving their life savings behind. Here is a look at a few restaurants in the area that could satisfy your taste buds before the big night.

One of my personal favorites, Olive Garden, is an Italian restaurant located in Lakewood, NY. When you first sit down, you are offered salad and soup, and then you order your main entrée. Baskets of bread sticks are brought often throughout the meal. The food tastes great, and the place is clean with a great atmosphere. The down side to Olive Garden would be high prices and, if you are not a fan of Italian food, you may struggle to find something you like. I would rate Olive Garden a 4 of 5 stars for this area because of the good food and friendly service.

Another option in Lakewood, NY is Applebee’s Bar and Grill.They offer a variety of American food such as steak, burgers, and wings. The environment is relaxed and less formal than other places in the area. The restaurant can be a little loud, but there is a wide variety of food and friendly service. It is affordable for most people, and if you’re not sure which type of food your date likes, it is a good place to choose. I would rate the restaurant 3 of 5 stars for the variety of food and affordability.

If you are looking for an option in Lakewood that combines the Italian food from Olive Garden and the American food from Applebee’s, then Alfie’s may be the perfect place for you. There is a nice atmosphere in the dining area and, overall, it is very clean. It is not a chain restaurant, so you can help support a local business with your visit. I would give Alfie’s 4 of 5 stars for the good food and cleanliness.

While the prior three are nice restaurants in Lakewood, Ribs n Bones is a good option for anyone looking for somewhere to eat in Warren. It is located on Jackson Run road between Sugar Grove and North Warren. They offer a nice variety where anyone can find good food that they enjoy. The establishment is clean and nicely furnished, which makes it welcoming to the customers and also creates a positive atmosphere. I give Ribs n Bones a 3.5 for the ample portions of tasty food.

While these restaurants are all great choices to get a nice dinner before prom, there are other great options as well. If you cannot afford the steep prices of eating out, making a dinner for you and your date is a great way to save money and enjoy some quality time before the big night. No matter where you chose to eat, just remember that dinner is the first part of your perfect night, so make sure it’s special for you and your perfect date.

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