EHS Girls' Softball

Jumping into Girls Spring Sports

By: Emily McJunkin

March first was the start of all spring sports. The girls spring sports consist of softball, track, and trap. The softball team hasn’t had much luck with getting games in this season due to the weather so far. They will be lucky to get to practice outside before their first game. For the past few years, the softball team has been struggling because everyone is so young. They should be a good team once everyone gets more experience. The girls track team has been pretty successful throughout the years. Each year, there is a handful of girls that get the privilege to move on to districts. This season looks like it will be a good one. We have a lot of good athletes this year and more to come the next. As for the girls trap team, they have been successful. There aren’t many girls that go out for trap, but the ones that do seem to do well. The Squire interviewed senior softball player, Haylie Birt, to get her take on this year’s softball season.

TS: How has this year’s season been so far?

HB: We haven’t been able to get that many games in, because of the weather, but so far we have lost one game and won one.

TS: Do you think you will have a good season as a team?

HB: We are a very young team and not very experienced, but the girls are very willing to learn and are excited, so that’s enough for us to be successful.

TS: What is your favorite part about softball season?

HB: Being able to be outside in the nice weather (most of the time), and my friends.

TS: Does the team have any goals for this season?

HB: Our main goal for the season is to focus on improvement and we will see where that takes us!

TS: Do you have any personal goals for the season?

HB: My personal goal for the season is to be the best I can be and also continue to improve as a player and captain.

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