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Breezing Your Way Through Fall Festivals

By: Lindsay Finch

The air is cooler and the leaves are falling, which can only mean one thing – fall is coming! Some of us may be bummed that the long, warm summer days are now over and thoughts of frigid snow are looming in our heads. However, the change in seasons brings new opportunities to go out and explore the wonderful things we can do in our area. That’s right, its fall fest season and The Squire is here to give you all the details on the fall festivals happening this year. Continue reading Breezing Your Way Through Fall Festivals

Hyped Up for Homecoming

By: Lilly Darling

With the 2019 school year starting, it is only fitting to get into the groove of attending football games and pumping up the school spirit. With football games brings the great Homecoming game, as well as the Homecoming dance the very next day. As they do each year, Student Council created a week full of fun events to make students excited about Homecoming. This includes “Spirit Week” and the pep rally, which took place during advisory period, the last period of the day, on Friday, September 28. Continue reading Hyped Up for Homecoming

Falling Into Girls Sports

By: Rachel Frederick

As the school year starts up, fall sports have also come into action. Soccer, cross country, volleyball, and cheerleading are all in season and continuing to fight their way toward victory. Each sport starts their crash weeks before school begins, which is usually every athlete’s least favorite week of all sports. Although the week is painful for most, it does benefit each athlete and the team in the end. Continue reading Falling Into Girls Sports