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Dancing into Prom

By: Rachel Frederick

As spring is finally approaching, so is the time to start getting ready for Prom. Everyone loves everything about the night: the decorations, the music, and, most importantly, the dress shopping. Prom is the night where everyone can hop on the dance floor and have the time of their life. Whether you go solo, with a date, or just attend with a group of friends, Prom is the night where everyone can join together and have fun as one group. Prom is still in the planning stages, and Prom Committee is hard at work to make this year’s dance memorable.  The Squire sat down with Prom Committee member, Alexis Courtney, to help explain more about what to expect at the big dance. Continue reading Dancing into Prom

Growing Like “Flours”

By: Shannon Kellogg

At the end of every semester comes final exams. For most students’ classes, that means studying countless pages of notes and worksheets in order to prepare for a 50-question nightmare. However, in Mrs. Alexander’s Parenting class, the students are tasked with the job of parenthood. For one whole school week, students must care for a 10-pound sack of flour to mimic the responsibilities of being a parent. Continue reading Growing Like “Flours”