The most important staff positions (other than Ms. Howe, of course!) are held by seniors  Aniela Gesing and Shannon Kellogg. Read on for their full bios!

Aniela Gesing is the daughter of Matt and Jen Gesing. She is a senior at Eisenhower Middle/High School. Aniela is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Journalism and the secretary of the Journalism club. Her contribution to the Journalism staff is to edit all of the articles written by Journalism students and post them to The Squire website. She also helps to maintain and work on the graphic design of the website. Along with being a member of Journalism, she is also a member of Student Council and SADD. Aniela said she was first interested in Journalism her sophomore year, which led her to later apply to be a Co-Editor. Aniela shared, “After I had applied, the world of journalism was really brought to my attention and I found a new love for the media industry.” Aniela’s goal as the Editor-in-Chief of The Squire for the 2018-2019 school year is to efficiently and conveniently provide a reliable news source for the students at Eisenhower Middle/High School.

Shannon Kellogg is a senior at Eisenhower High School. She lives in Sugar Grove with her parents, Shane and Tara Kellogg, and her younger siblings, Morgan and Cole. She is involved in many clubs and activities at Eisenhower, such as Student Council, SADD Club, Choir, Fantasia, National Honor Society, and Journalism. She holds offices in Student Council, Choir, and Journalism, as well as being the vice president of her class. Shannon is also the captain of the Varsity Cheerleading Squad. In her free time, she enjoys singing and playing the guitar with her sister, working, and spending time with family and friends. Shannon has been an editor for two years and she loves being a part of The Squire’s editorial team. As an editor of The Squire, Shannon reviews, edits, and uploads articles to the website, as well as maintaining the website.



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