The co-editors are responsible for reading through all articles before they are posted on the website. They dedicate a lot of hard work, time, and effort to making sure everyone’s articles are the best they can be! This year’s co-editors are Delaney Chase and Morgan Kellogg and the jr. editors are Lydia Larson and Hannah Newcamp. Their bios are posted below!

Delaney Chase is one of The Squire’s Co-Editors. She is the daughter of Tammy and Randy Chase. Delaney is a senior at Eisenhower High School. She does various sports including soccer, basketball, and softball. She is involved in Student Council, Key Club, Battle of the Books, SADD, Prom Committee, National Honor Society and is a class officer. This is her third year as a journalism member and editor. She is very excited to be a part of the editorial staff. She can’t wait to learn and improve as a writer.

Morgan Kellogg is a Senior at Eisenhower High School. She is the daughter of Shane and Tara Kellogg and is the sister of Shannon and Cole Kellogg. Morgan is involved in many things at Eisenhower such-as, SADD club, Cheerleading, Choir, Fantasia, Student Council, Journalism, and Softball. She also likes to take part in theater through the library theater and the Warren County School District. Outside of school, Morgan likes to sing, play piano, and hangout with her big sister Shannon. Morgan is a co-editor alongside Delaney Chase, Lydia Larson, and Hannah Newcamp this year. As an editor of The Squire, Morgan reviews, edits, and uploads articles to the website, as well as maintaining the website.

Lydia Larson is a junior at Eisenhower High School. She is the daughter of Jennifer and Robert Larson. Lydia’s activities at Eisenhower include volleyball, student council, and journalism. Outside of school Lydia likes to barrel race and spend time with friends and family. As a first-year editor, Lydia is learning to edit, review, and upload articles to our website. She is very excited to be involved with the journalism club and editorial staff at Eisenhower.

Hannah Newcamp is a Junior at Eisenhower High School. She is the daughter of Chris Marino and Peter Newcamp, and the sister of Kamryn and Amelia Newcamp. Hannah is involved in S.A.D.D Club, Journalism, and Volleyball. Outside of school she enjoys playing the violin, reading, and playing with her pets. She also spends her free time hanging out with friends and family. Hannah is a first-year editor and will review, edit and upload articles to the website and cannot wait to learn more about editing.

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