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Groundhog Predicts Weather

By: Paige Edwards

Groundhog Day is coming quick. With that also comes the answer, will we have more winter or is spring right around the corner? Groundhog Day is celebrated each year on February 2 in Punxsutawney, PA, just a two hour drive from Russell. A long-standing tradition, Groundhog Day features the groundhog, Phil, predicting the weather. A common debate involves people’s superstitions about whether Phil actually does tell the truth. Continue reading Groundhog Predicts Weather

Do it Yourself this Valentine’s Day

By: Lily Mueller

Do you ever struggle trying to find the perfect valentines for your significant other? Well, struggle no more; The Squire is here to help you! The best type of valentine gift to give your loved one is a homemade gift, or you might know it as a “DIY” gift. Unlike a store bought valentine gift, a DIY gift is more thoughtful and sentimental to receive. Lydia Larson, a member of The Squire staff, says that “receiving a DIY valentine and not a store bought gift shows you that they put a lot of effort into figuring out the perfect gift for you and sometimes they are cuter.”

Continue reading Do it Yourself this Valentine’s Day