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Picking the Perfect Prom Hair

By: Dominick Giannini

Showing up with the perfect hair style is almost as important as the perfect date or the prettiest dress. It can be a very, very stressful situation. However, ladies, don’t fret. Your savior has arrived! This article is just a brief synopsis of popular hairstyles sure to wow your date and make your friends jealous. Continue reading Picking the Perfect Prom Hair

Picking the Perfect Place for Prom Dinner

By: Kate Daugharthy

Prom is a night full of excitement and high expectations. There are many essential things for you to consider while planning this very important night. Every person has different priorities for the night.  Some may be more concerned about their hair or outfit, while others may be focusing on their expert dance moves, but most focus on the most vital part of the night – dinner. Continue reading Picking the Perfect Place for Prom Dinner

Get Ready For Fishing

By: Elijah Lauffenberger

This spring, get your fishing poles out and ready to go. This year’s fishing has already started and the snow is almost gone. Most people prefer to fish in hot, humid weather but there’s also ice fishing for the winter. Last year’s ice fishing wasn’t ideal, considering that we had a warm winter due to El Niño. That’s not all bad, though; because of the mild winter, bass, trout, and perch stayed more active through the cold weather. The weather may cause this year’s fishing should kick start sooner than previous years.  In Warren County, there are a lot of hotspots to fish, such as the Point (where the Allegany River meets the Conewango River), Webbs Fery, Chapman’s Dam, Roper Hollow, and the reservoir. Continue reading Get Ready For Fishing