Working Towards Summer

By: Gracie Anthony 

     As the school year comes to an end, many people are looking for an activity to do over their break to keep busy. Getting a summer job is a good way to keep busy while earning money, having fun, and making memories. As people have more free time and the weather gets nicer, many people are out of their houses, making many restaurants and stores get busier, which requires more help and staff. With students and teachers having more down time, it’s a perfect way to spend summer while being productive, making new friends, and learning valuable skills.  

     Getting a summer job can give you many useful skills that can be used throughout your life. According to, summer jobs can improve academic performance. Other benefits include being taught important employment skills, such as teamwork and problem-solving skills. Learning a work ethic, real-world experience, and time management are all skills that students can learn by having a summer job.  

     The Squire interviewed Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Hahn, about getting a job during the summer months. When asked what benefits students can experience, she stated, “Summer jobs provide discipline, training in a variety of skills and time management. Many of the ‘soft skills’ that are required by careers, such as people and organizational skills as well as time management are learned while working short-term summer jobs.” The Squire also asked what can make individuals stand out against other applicants that are for applying for a job and she said, “Don’t go in ripped jeans and t-shirts. Wear nice pants and a nice, collared shirt. Always look the person you are interviewing within the eye and give a nice handshake.” Mrs. Hahn also gave the tip of making sure your resume is complete and checking for mistakes.  

     The Squire also interviewed junior, Dominic Benson, who had past experiences with a summer job. When asked what benefits he faced, he stated, “I experienced lessons from people with more experience.” Dominic stated when applying for his job he felt he stood out against other applicants by his willingness to work and availability. Being open-minded, showing up on time, and highlighting your skills for the job are all ways Dominic advises other students to help with their job application prosses.  

     Many local places around Warren County and nearby Lakewood are always looking for more workers in the summer. Some seasonal jobs include Big Tree Soft Serve and Ice Cream Shack in Lakewood. Other places are Dairy delight, Taylors Treats, and Hog Wild all located in Warren. The Scandia General Store is always looking for help and is located on Cole Hill Rd in Scandia. Located on Main St in Sugar Grove is New Beginnings, which is looking for dishwashers and kitchen staff. During the summer and other seasons, there are many job opportunities, and it is easy to find an employer that’s hiring.  

     Don’t be scared to apply for a job; many employers are really kind and open to talking to you. Knowing your worth, being nice, and having an easy-going personality are good ways to help ensure your chances of getting a job. So, get out there and apply for a job this summer! 

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