Get Away With Some Vacay

By: Haley Eckman 

     With summer coming up, a lot of people are starting to plan vacations for over summer break. There are many great options to choose from without having to travel too far. Whether you’re looking for a weeklong stay or just a weekend getaway, there’s always a new place to see. The Squire interviewed Winnie Wolf and Mrs. Rouse to see where they like to go on vacation. A poll was also posted on The Squire’s Instagram page to get a wider viewpoint. 

     Many people from the Instagram poll suggested New York City as a summer trip idea. Although this could be a pricier spot, it is worth it.  According to, some popular places to go in NYC are Central Park, the American Museum of Natural History, the Statue of Liberty, and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. Certain places require a fee to enter, but there are many that are free to attend. NYC also has many great restaurants that you can visit.  

     In addition to New York City, some other drivable vacation spots mentioned in the poll were Gettysburg, PA; Van Buren Point in Dunkirk NY; Thousand Islands in NY; Deep Creek, MD; Cleveland, OH; and Pittsburgh, PA. All these locations have many tourist attractions that would be a great new place for you to visit. 

     The Squire interviewed Mrs. Rouse to find out her opinions on the best vacation options. Her favorite place to go is Sea Isle City in New Jersey. She says, “My family has a beach house there, so we go every summer. We go to the beach, go shopping, watch outdoor bands, and go to the zoo nearby.” Sea Isle is about seven hours from Warren County, making it within driving distance. It has a beautiful beach, as well as many other popular attractions.  

     Winnie Wolf told The Squire that her favorite vacation spot is Ocean City, Maryland. Wolf told The Squire she likes to, “Explore the boardwalk, local shops, and go to the ocean.” The boardwalk at Ocean City is three miles long and features many shops and restaurants. Ocean City is known for its Saltwater Taffy and as being the White Marlin Capital of the World. Due to being on a peninsula, Ocean city has both bayside beaches and ocean facing beaches, which makes it possible to swim in wave-free areas. 

     For those trying to vacation on a budget, Winnie recommends, “to go to a lake for two nights and enjoy waterfront activities.” According to Mrs. Rouse, renting an Airbnb and cooking your own food could also be a cheaper option. Staying somewhere for a short amount of time, or at a more budget-friendly location could help lower the cost of your stay. Another great option is to go camping, there are many local places such as the Kinzua Dam, the Buckaloons Campground, and Red Oak Campground.  

     Many people decide to stay at the same location every year. Wolf says, “I like to switch it up every year, especially by exploring a different part of the United States. It gives you exposure to a variety of lifestyles and cool, new places.” There are arguments to be made on both sides of whether to stay at the same place, but it’s truly based on personal preference.  

     Both Wolf and Mrs. Rouse agree that vacations are worth it. For Mrs. Rouse, it’s about family. She says, “I have two small kiddos, there is no relaxation on our vacations BUT I do love making memories with my family. It makes my heart happy!” In Wolf’s opinion, vacations are about exploring new places. She told The Squire, “Overall, vacations have always given me amazing experiences, whether it be trying new foods, seeing new buildings, learning about a town’s history, or walking along a warm beach shore.” Vacations can provide a much-needed break from everyday life and can allow some extra relaxation and fun into your summer. 

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