The Student Spotlight Shines on Ava Nizzi 

By: Hannah Newcamp 

     The Squire’s mid-winter Student Spotlight is shining on Eisenhower senior, Ava Nizzi. Ava was the captain of the soccer team this year and has played the sport for the past four years. She is also the Vice President of National Honor Society and Student Council. Ava is a hard-worker and gives her all in everything she does, making her a great candidate for the Student Spotlight. 

     As a senior, Ava is excited to see what life after high school will bring her. A great student, and a good friend, Ava has left a big impression on the Eisenhower community. The Squire sat down with Ava to get more information on her future plans and to hear what she had to say about her time at Eisenhower High School. 

The Squire: What has been your favorite part of high school? 

Ava Nizzi: My favorite part of high school has been being able to see my friends and going to sporting events. 

TS: What are you going to miss most about Eisenhower? 

AN: I am going to miss the smaller school feel and being comfortable with everyone. 

TS: What teacher has had the biggest impact on you during your high school career? 

AN: The teacher that had the most impact on me would be Mrs. Dietsch because she has always been very helpful and patient. 

TS: Where are you planning on attending school next year and what is your intended major? 

AN: I am undecided between Murray State University and The University of Findlay. I plan on majoring in Animal Science, with a focus in Nutrition. If I attend Murray State University, I will hopefully be able to join their rodeo team. 

TS: What influenced your choice when deciding your major and university? 

AN: I love working with animals and being around them, and I wanted to branch out and see new places. 

TS: What advice would you want to give to the underclassmen? 

AN: I would tell them to go to every game and dance they can; high school goes by fast, and these events always end up being fun. 

     With soccer, clubs, work, and school, Ava has kept herself busy throughout her high school career. Even with her busy schedule, Ava has always made time to help her friends and make them laugh. The Squire wishes Ava the best of luck in college and in her future career. 

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