Cheering on the Next Student Spotlight

By: Hannah Newcamp 

     For this issue of The Squire’s student spotlight, we interviewed Eisenhower junior, Erin Hagadorn. You may know Erin as one of our EHS cheerleaders and softball players. Although both sports are a big part of Erin’s life, there is so much more to know about her. 

     Besides cheerleading and playing softball, Erin participates in many other school activities. Erin is the Treasurer of the National Honor Society, the Vice President of Key Club, and the Treasurer for Choir. When not participating in a school activity, Erin is most likely spending time with her friends and family or attending her church’s youth group. 

     To get a better understanding of what Erin is all about, The Squire asked her a few questions: 

     The Squire: What is your favorite class and why? 

     Erin Hagadorn: My favorite class is Biology, partly because I really love my teacher, Mrs. Swanson, but also because that kind of science really interests me. 

     TS: Being a junior and having just one more year of high school to go, what has been your favorite part of school? 

     EH: My favorite part of high school has been experiencing Eisenhower’s school spirit, especially at sporting events. Even in school, most students have good relationships with their favorite teachers, and it is a great environment, which can’t be said for most other high schools. It’s just really fun to be a part of a small student body that sticks together.   

     TS: How has online school and COVID- 19 affected you and your learning? 

     EH: COVID-19 did not really affect my learning until we went virtual over winter break. It was hard to focus and find motivation to do my work while being in the comfort of my house. I got a little behind and confused over that time and only got back on track once we went back to in-person school. 

     TS: What do you plan on doing after graduating? 

     EH: After graduating, I plan on going to school for occupational therapy. My current plan is to attend Slippery Rock University for their accelerated program where I would major in either psychology or exercise science for three years. After the first three years, I will complete my credits through the Occupational Therapy program. However, I am still considering other options on where to go for school. 

     TS: Where do you hope to be with your career and life in ten years? 

     EH: In ten years I hope to have a high paying job as a pediatric occupational therapist, and to be living in a cute house with my future husband. I plan on having kids once my life has settled down. 

     TS: What advice would you give to underclassmen? 

     EH: My advice to underclassmen would be to put yourself out there. I used to obsess over getting high grades to get into college, but I now know that colleges look at you as a person, not just the statistics of your grades. Being involved in sports, clubs, or a youth group really improves your chance of getting noticed by colleges. These activities also give you opportunities to make friends and have fun, keeping you from stressing too much about school. 

     If you see Erin in the halls between classes, you will often see her smiling and laughing with friends. Her friends would describe her as kindhearted and a great person to know. So, next time you see Erin, do not be afraid to strike up a conversation. The Squire congratulates Erin on receiving the student spotlight, and wishes her good luck on all of her future endeavors. 

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