Celebrating a Quarantine Valentine’s Day

By: Kiley Youngberg 

      In comparison to recent years, this Valentine’s Day will be one of the most unique. Most of us will have to spend our Valentine’s Day in a different way. If you are quarantined on Valentine’s Day, you really can’t do as much as usual, but there are still some fun activities you can do yourself. Most people on Valentine’s Day like to take their boyfriend or girlfriend out to dinner. With Covid-19, however, you really cannot go out because most restaurants are closed for in person dining.  So, most likely, this year we will be celebrating a quarantined Valentine’s Day  inside.

          The Squire got some ideas from www.smallbox.com about how to make a quarantined Valentine’s Day fun and memorable. The first idea is a virtual date. If you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are long distance for Valentine’s Day, try celebrating the holiday virtually by eating on Zoom  while you make a special dinner together. The second idea is to watch romantic movies together. If you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are together on Valentine’s Day, you can cuddle up on the couch, eat some snacks, and watch some romantic movies. The third idea is be creative; if you have nothing to do before Valentine’s Day, be creative and make something special for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Another great idea would be to play some board games or card games together. Playing games is a great way to have fun with your significant other. If you need  some Valentine’s Day DIY’s, check out The Squire article available in our  mid-winter issue. 

     The Squire interviewed Achilles Parker, a student here at Eisenhower, on celebrating a quarantined Valentine’s Day. Achilles shared that he thinks it’s a good idea get a box of chocolates from the store with a mask. If he were to be quarantined on Valentine’s Day, he said he would keep it simple – he’d like a couple of bologna sandwiches for dinner because there is no reason to spend the time making a good dinner. Achilles also suggested, “You can invite your boyfriend or girlfriend over to celebrate your Valentine’s Day.”  Valentine’s Day could be expensive for some;  however,  and Achilles shared that his budget will not change due to Covid-19. Achilles commented that he likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the weekend instead of on Valentine’s Day if it falls on a weekday. He also shared with us that he thinks that people will be more creative this year if they are being quarantined.  

     The Squire staff wants to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day and hopes you will stay happy and healthy throughout the new year. 

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