Coping with Being Single on Valentine’s Day

By: Lilly Darling

Are you spending yet another Valentine’s Day in the depressing pit that is singlehood? Don’t fear, because The Squire is here to give you some key insight that will raise your spirit. Being single is something you may often overlook or ignore, but when the stores fill with romantic merchandise and cute chocolates, it can be hard not to feel down. Not having a partner is nothing to be ashamed of, though, especially on Valentine’s Day. It creates more space in your heart to focus on other things important to you, such as family, friends, or your career. Having a focused mindset can allow you to be your best self when you do decide to begin a relationship.

Having the right perspective about romantic relationships is important. Taking time to reflect on yourself, and realize that it is perfectly okay not to have a partner will help to alleviate unnecessary suffering. There is a huge stigma that you must be dating someone on Valentine’s Day or any holiday for that matter. The awkward family gatherings with your estranged aunt pressuring you about when you are going to find someone can be the absolute worst. According to, there are an increasing number of single people in the world. This shows that you are not alone!

     To gain more insight on the human psyche, The Squire interviewed single senior, Alexis Courtney. When asked how she feels about Valentine’s Day, Courtney explained that, “I understand that Valentine’s Day does not have to be all just about a partner, but it’s kind of awkward for me to see my friends in a relationship. I feel like I am out of the loop a little bit.” Alexis would appreciate if “the stereotype of being in a relationship should end because my personal life is not anyone’s business but my own.” Alexis’s advice for all the salty singles out there is, “Don’t worry about other people or let things around you define you. Love will come when it is ready, and in the meantime just know that your friends and family will always be there for you.” Alexis’s words are some really helpful advice for anyone trying to cope with singlehood.

If you are looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day, finding another single friend could be a great idea. You could reject the stigma and just enjoy an evening with someone close to you. If you are still feeling down about possibly seeing couples together, staying in and having a treat yourself day might do the trick. Take a relaxing bath and focus on yourself! The Squire just wants you to know your worth and realize you are loved!

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