Planning Your Holiday Party

By: Jordyn Cooper

Sometimes the best way to get into the holiday spirit is to get together with friends and family and celebrate the season. If you love Christmas parties but not the stress that comes with planning them, a cookie exchange party may be your best choice of party to host. The cookie swap has few rules and is very easy to organize. Each guest brings 5-6 dozen cookies and exchanges them. As well as the cookie theme, you can plan to do other activities/games to keep your guests entertained. To help, The Squire has listed some ideas for a perfect holiday party.

     Each year, my family hosts a holiday party. The Squire talked to Mrs. Miller, a family friend that attends our parties, about her holiday planning tips. She suggests to plan your party at least six weeks ahead to allow your guests to make time in their schedules and figure out what they want to bake. She also mentioned that your guest list should include at least 10-15 people so that there is more variety of cookies. The Squire asked which other activities she would include in her holiday party. She listed some of her favorites that include: An ugly sweater contest, secret Santa, and building gingerbread houses. She also shared that a good tip is to, “…offer healthy options like fruit or veggie trays as well as light snack trays.”

Games are another important part of holiday parties. One of the most popular games to play at holiday parties is a “White Elephant” gift exchange.  Each guest must bring a wrapped gift that is unmarked. The object of this game is to steal the gifts, rather than exchange like secret Santa. The participants each draw a number and then choose gifts in order. The first person picks and then opens a gift. The second person can either steal the first person’s unwrapped gift or choose one of the wrapped ones. If they decide to steal, the first person must open another wrapped gift. This continues until each person has an unwrapped gift.

Another holiday party idea is a hot chocolate bar. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Some of the basic items needed are paper coffee cups, spoons, a kettle/boiling water, and hot chocolate mix. A few of the ingredients you can use for fun toppings are marshmallows, whipped cream, cinnamon, candy canes, and sprinkles. There are many different treats and accessories you can use that you may already own. You can add paper straws and fancy containers for the ingredients.

Now you have several ideas to help with your holiday party planning. For more ideas, check Pinterest and Get in the Christmas spirit this season by planning your own holiday party.

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