How to Spend Valentine’s Day Single

By: Brittany Smith

This Valentine’s Day, if you find yourself single, no worries – you don’t need a date to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Even if you are single, you can find fun things to do by yourself. The Squire asked multiple Eisenhower students some questions about how they like to spend their Valentine’s Day.

The first question The Squire wanted to know was how students spend their Valentine’s Day, especially while single. Brody Porter told us that he likes to spend his Valentine’s Day by watching YouTube. The Squire also spoke with Lilee Renninger, who told us she likes to be home by herself in bed. Senior, Ben Donell, explained that he also likes to be alone. If you find yourself single on this holiday, you don’t have to spend the day totally alone, as Cael Black shared, it is a great day to spend it with family. The last person we asked was Ava Nizzi, who also likes to spend Valentine’s Day at home and with her family.

We then asked these Eisenhower students what advice they have for single people on Valentine’s Day. Brody said, “find someone or something that makes you happy,” while Lilee told us that “It’s awesome! Love yourself. Go hang out with your grandma.” Ben’s advice was, “don’t look at couples because it makes you depressed.” These students are confident about their single status on the big day. Cael said, “don’t worry about it, just have fun!” and Ava told us, “don’t be sad.” The overall message seems to be that you should be happy with who you are and embrace the single life this Valentine’s Day.

The last question The Squire asked the students involved the benefits of being single on Valentine’s Day. Brody, Lilee, Ben, Cael, and Ava all told us that, “It means you don’t have to spend money on anyone.” These students prove that you don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to have fun on Valentine’s Day.

If you want to spend Valentine’s Day alone some other ideas that you could do include, watch Netflix, read a book, get your nails done, go to dinner, hang out with friends, or bake cupcakes, cookies, or cake.

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