Finding the Perfect Tree

By: Aniela Gesing

It’s that time of year again when family and friends gather and venture into the snowy outdoors to seek the perfect Christmas tree for their homes! It might seem like picking out the perfect Christmas tree can be tricky, but, with a little help from your friends at The Squire, we can guarantee you will find the best tree out there. As you may already know, Warren County offers a great selection of fresh and local produce because of our large rural area. In addition, Warren County also sells beautiful, local Christmas trees for the community to choose from.

When deciding where to purchase that perfect tree, many families will choose a Christmas tree farm that they love and have gone to for years. However, some buyers might be new to the Christmas tree shopping craze. No worries, The Squire has provided a list of local farms below:

Lindell’s Hatch Patch:

  • 522 Hatch Run Road, Warren, PA 16365

LGL Tree Farm

  • 95 Christmas Tree Lane Post Office Box 37, Pittsfield, PA 16340

Pleasant Pine Plantation

  • 1129 Mohawk Ave, Warren, PA 16365


  • 2901 Market St, Warren, PA 16365


  • 2625 Market St, Warren, PA 16365

Each of these local Christmas tree farms offers a very beautiful and healthy selection of trees for the community to purchase. Be sure to check the store hours for each of the listed farms, as their hours vary with each day of the week.

If you are not quite sure how to properly care for your Christmas tree, Tractor Supply provides an article to help guide you through the process : The article includes very informative tips on tree-related topics, such as, “Once you’re ready to bring it [the tree] in, cut off a section of the trunk between ½ and 1 inch immediately prior to putting the tree in the stand.” Some other tips the article offers are trimming your tree, safely locating your tree in your home, and many more helpful suggestions for first-time tree owners.

There are many different types of Christmas tree species to choose from. It is sort of like buying a car; you want the one that is going to do its job and be reliable. If you are decorating a tree with old family heirloom ornaments, you will want a tree that has good and sturdy branches to ensure that none of those ornaments end up shattered on the floor. If you are looking for that signature fresh evergreen aroma, be sure to purchase a tree that is known for its powerful scent. For further information, check out to learn more about the perfect Christmas tree for you!

The Squire sat down in an interview with Aleea Geise to learn more about her Christmas tree traditions. The Squire asked Aleea which farm she typically gets her tree from and she stated, “I have always gone to the LGL Tree Farm in Pittsfield. It has been a family tradition of mine for years.” Aleea described what the perfect tree looks like to her, “About 7 feet tall and it cannot have any bare spots. It also has to have soft needles.” As far as decorating goes, Aleea also shared that her family decorates her tree with ornaments that each family member gets every year. To top off their perfect 7-foot tree, Aleea said, “We have always used a shiny star to top off our tree. There’s no special reason; we just think it’s pretty.” The Squire would like to thank Aleea for sharing her family experience about shopping and decorating Christmas trees.

The Squire would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and remind you not to forget to check out Warren County’s local Christmas tree farms!

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