Josef Bauer Wins the Crown

By: Tess Parmenter

On Thursday, February 22, six young men prepared to show off their best skills for a chance to win the title of Mr. EHS. Each contestant took part in four categories: School Spirit, Talent, Muscles, and Formal Wear.  From piano playing to mini car driving, each contestant had a unique take on every category – no two acts were the same!

After the contestants finished all the categories, the pressure was on as they anxiously awaited to see who the winner was. The runner-up was announced first as Brodie Whitney was awarded the title of second place.  He wowed the judges with his Sasquatch wresting, which got many laughs from the audience. When it was finally time to announce the winner of Mr. EHS, junior, Josef Bauer, was thrilled to earn the top title of Mr. EHS 2018. Between his cupcake decorating skills, dedicated school spirit, impressive muscle show, and fashion-forward suspenders and bow-tie, the judges found him to be the perfect person to represent the student body here at Eisenhower.

After the show, The Squire interviewed winner, Josef Bauer, to see what winning meant to him:

The Squire: What made you want to take part in the Mr. EHS contest?

Josef Bauer: Coming to prior contests and seeing all they guys on stage having fun is what inspired me to take part in Mr. EHS.

TS: How did you prepare for the different categories?

JB: I started by picking out lots of different outfits for all the categories. For my talent, I practiced decorating cupcakes since it was something new for me. Lastly, I got all my stuff together and at the dress rehearsal I ran through everything so I knew I was ready.

TS: What do you think helped you win Mr. EHS?

JB: Winning the muscle category definitely helped me win the whole contest.

TS: What inspired you to choose the talent you chose?

JB: Watching my sister and mom bake cupcakes recently is what inspired me to do it. It was unique and I knew I could share with the judges, plus, who doesn’t love cupcakes?

TS: How does it feel to be Mr. EHS?

JB: It’s a good feeling knowing I represent the student body at Eisenhower.

Joey, along with all the other contestants, worked hard to show why they had enough Eisenhower spirit to be Mr. EHS. We hope to see many new contestants next year as we look to name a new Mr. EHS.




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