Putting the Spotlight on Cameran Edwards

By: Nicholas Smelko

For the Mid-Winter Issue of The Squire, we’ll be shining the spotlight on Cameran Edwards, a junior here at Eisenhower Middle High School. Cameran is the daughter of Doug and Tina Edwards and sister to Catrina (younger) and Cassidy (older). She is a Sugar Grove resident and works at New Beginnings Restaurant as a waitress. Cameran is the picture perfect student athlete, as she is involved in sports as well as earning Merit Honor Roll for every semester of school so far.

To get more insight on what it is like to be Cameran all the time, The Squire sat down with her one cold afternoon for an interview.

The Squire: Even though you are not yet a senior, do you have any plans for after high school?

Cameran Edwards: I plan to go to a college that is to be determined for a major that is also to be determined.

TS: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

CE: In my free time, I enjoy sleeping and hanging out with my boyfriend.

TS: What is it like being the dreaded middle child? CE: Being the middle child is hard because you’re always the one that gets yelled at, even if it is not your fault.

TS: Do you play any sports? If so, how did the season(s) go?

CE: I play volleyball. It was a rough season, but we did not lose any seniors so we are looking for a bounce back season this fall.

TS: What is your favorite part about Eisenhower and why?

CE: Eisenhower is pretty laid back compared to most schools, so I enjoy that aspect of it.

TS: What is your favorite class this year and why?

CE: My favorite class this year is chemistry with Mrs. Dietsch because I love doing the labs and learning by actually doing it.

TS: What are your goals for this school year?

CE: My main goal for the end of the school year is to pass every class with a high GPA and to raise my rank in the class.

Cameran Edwards is a stellar student, a great person, and an even better friend. If you want to know more about Cameran, just ask her. She is very friendly and easy to talk to. Stop by New Beginnings and leave her a nice tip, as she is good at what she does there. Stay tuned to The Squire for more student spotlights, along with other articles written by The Squire staff.


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