Mrs. Kitchel is in the Limelight for Teacher Spotlight

By: Alexis Roberts

As Mrs. Vanderhoof has left EHS, we have a new face to start right where she left off. Mrs. Kitchel is our new special education teacher. She has taught here before, just over two years ago, and went on maternity leave, but now she is back.

As Mrs. Kitchel is still new here to many, The Squire decided to ask her some questions to help get the students familiar with her.

The Squire: Where have you taught before EHS?

Mrs. Kitchel: I was at YHS where I taught Life Skills and also did Learning Support.

TS: What school has been your favorite place to teach at and why?

MK: YHS, I absolutely loved the students that I worked with in the life skills room. They were extremely sweet and appreciative and eager to learn.

TS: What is the best part about being back and teaching again?

MK:  The opportunity to work with new people and students and develop new relationships.  Everyone has been very nice and helpful.

TS: If you could change what you teach, what subject would you choose?

MK: I would like to teach elementary/special ed. I feel that I would be able to have more of an impact on these students and they still have the love for learning.

TS: What are some day to day duties of yours?

MK: I work one on one with students, pull out for testing, and help students whenever needed.

TS: What degrees do you have?

MK: I have a Bachelors in Elementary/Special Education and master’s in Educational Development and Strategies.

TS: How long have you been teaching?

MK: I have been teaching in WCSD since 2008, but I took off 2 1/2 years for maternity leave.

TS: Who influenced your decision to go into teaching?

MK: My mom has been an aide for the district for many years and, as a child, I used to go to the school with her on “take your children to work days” and I absolutely loved it.

TS: What are some interesting facts about yourself that students might like to know?

MK: I have two beautiful little girls who I love dearly and I also played basketball and softball in school.

Mrs. Kitchel has been a great addition to EHS. If you see Mrs. Kitchel in the hallways, welcome her to EHS and thank her for all of her hard work!



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