The Knights Fought Hard

By: Troy Myer

The Knights took on undefeated Seneca Bobcats, the region favorites, for the Homecoming game this year. To start, things were back and forth for the Knights and Bobcats, with Seneca scoring in the first quarter, but failing with the extra point. The Knights came back with a big drive, led by Jaydon Hayes, before the quarter ended.

With the second quarter starting, the Knights scored and kicker, Ross Venman, punched the extra point through, giving the Knights the lead 7-6. The Bobcats scored again in the second making it 13-7. Just before the half, the Knights were marching down the field and fumbled the ball, popping it into the air when Seneca’s star player, Joey Scarabino recovered the ball and ran it back, making it 20-7 just before the half.

During halftime, the Homecoming court was then escorted out by a horse drawn wagon and Ross Venman and TerryLee Talasky were named the 2017 King and Queen.

The Bobcats continued to run away with the game in the second half, but the Knights fought the whole game. Senior, Jonah Samuelson, ran a 77 yard kickoff back for a touchdown to ignite the Knights, but fell 33-13 in the hard-fought homecoming game. The Knights had positive moments on both sides of the ball, with senior Jaydon Hayes leading the offense with 98 yards of rushing and a touchdown. Senior, Justin Hagberg, led the defense with nine tackles, four of them for a loss.

The Squire asked Captain Jaydon Hayes a few questions about the Bobcats before the game.

The Squire: How do you think the game will end up and why?

Jaydon Hayes: We’re just gonna dominate because it’s what we do.

TS: Could you tell me a little bit about the other team?

JH: If we don’t stop #1 we will lose; simple as that.

TS: What edge do you think we have on Seneca?

JH: We have several good ball players and they only have #1.

Jaydon and the entire team was feeling good before the game, and ready to put on their best fight. It was a tough loss, and Jaydon Hayes stopped by to meet with The Squire again and reflect on the game.

TS: Why do you think we lost this game?

JH: They made big plays and we didn’t.

TS: What’s the region looking like after this loss?

JH: It looks like Seneca is running away with it, while everyone else is battling for second.

TS: How are the playoffs looking now, with the loss?

JH: The odds are slim, but there is still a chance.

TS: What can we improve on for next week?

JH: We need to work on our defense alignments and blocking on offense.

That’s all for the Knights Homecoming game for this year.  We’re hoping for better luck in 2018.  Come October 28 for the last game of the year at Sheffield.


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