Talasky Places at States

By: Adam Pascuzzi

TerryLee Talasky, a junior here at Eisenhower, recently made it to the state finals in track. Her accomplishment is no surprise, as this is TerryLee’s third appearance in the PIAA Track and Field championships. She was recognized at the state level for the 100 meter sprint her freshman year, and again in the 200 meter sprint her sophomore year.  This year, as a junior, she was awarded fifth in the state for the 400 meter sprint and just missed the finals for the 200, placing her ninth in the semi-finals.

With her past three years of success, she is, without question, one of the top sprinters in Pennsylvania. She owns Eisenhower’s records in the 100, 200, and 400, along with all three records in the Warren County Track Meet.

     The Squire got a chance to catch up with TerryLee and find out more about her amazing season.

The Squire: What are your accomplishments this season?
TerryLee Talasky: Individually, my accomplishments this season include breaking the 100, 200, and 400 records. As a team, we were region champs, again, and beat Warren at the Warren County track meet after they beat us 27 years in a row.
TS: How have you improved from last season to this season?
TT: I was able to decrease my times in the 100, 200, and 400. I also was able to participate in the open 400 more.
TS: What is your desired brand of shoes for track?
TT: My favorite shoes are Nike. I’m not sure why – they’re just always the shoes I’ve worn.
TS: What is your goal next year?
TT: My goal for next season is to better my times in the 200 and 400. I wish to make it to states in both of those categories again and hopefully place in the top eight. I also would like our 4 X 1 and 4 X 4 to make it to states as well.
TS: What is the best track you have ever run on?
TT: The best track I have ever run on was at district and states; they had awesome tracks.
TS: Do you have any pre-game rituals or lucky items that you do or have with you on race day?
TT: I put on a lot of icy hot before every meet and I jump three times before I get in my blocks.
TS: What advice would you give the young runners?
TT: Train in the offseason, work hard during every practice, and always support your fellow teammates.

Next year, as a senior, it is hard not to believe she will be attending the Championships again, for her fourth time in a row. Eisenhower is lucky to have TerryLee’s impressive track and field talent as a part of their program, and we look forward to see where her skills lead in the future.  With one more year left to complete her time at Eisenhower, she will, no doubt, be a top prospect for colleges as she enters her senior year of high school. Good Luck to TerryLee and the rest of the team in the upcoming season!

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