Technology Gets Innovative in 2017

By: Andrew Downs

Andrew Downs here for The Squire News bringing you the latest and greatest for 2017’s new line of technological innovations. The Squire consulted for all information in this article.

Jet Pack International H202 –

These $100,000 H202 and H202-Z jetpacks fueled by hydrogen peroxide that will allow users to fly up to 77 mph! The jetpacks will take users to a maximum height of 250ft and a total flight length of 33seconds or about 3,300ft.

Prosthetic Hand with sense –

The prosthetic hand was created by a group of European engineers and scientists. This new invention connects to the remaining nerves and ligaments, allowing the user to have a sense of feeling through the prosthetic hand to differentiate an orange from a baseball. This product also allows user to exert different pressure levels allowing you to grab or hold something. The price has not yet been determined and is expected to release in late 2017.

High Power Wireless Charging-

Dipole Coil Resonant System, or DCRS for short, can wirelessly charge devices from up to 15ft. This process uses a magnetic field able to charge up to 40 smart phones, and can even power large devices like a TV. The product is in working condition but has no release date as of today.

StoreDot Fast Charging Battery-

A company called Nanotechnology unveiled a battery that uses bio-organic “nanodots” that have increased electrode performance to last longer and charge more efficiently. StoreDot advertises it will charge a smart phone in under 30 seconds. It’s not very clear yet whether it will be released to the public.

3D Printed Food-

Created by a Germany company, Biozoon is working to create a product called seneoPro, a range of 3D-printable powder mixtures that solidifies, but also melts when eaten.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for the greatest of 2017’s newest technology. Thanks for tuning into The Squire News Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and join us next time.




Want to learn more about innovative technology? Check out this video:


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