A Look into the Worst of 2016

By: Megan Wilson

There are a lot of things we love about 2016, like all the new movies, shows, and music releases but, like anything, there is always a bad side. From ISIS to the divisive presidential election, many would agree this year has not been the best of times. This year has been a year of many trends and catch phrases. Many of these trends that started out as innocent entertainment have become annoyingly overplayed, overused phrases, songs, activities, and dances.


This year made history with the most divisive presidential election in modern history. From accusations of candidates having not big enough hands to being serial killers, this year’s election was full of a lot of nonsense.  This event that determines our future became a reality show what meme-inspiring insult the candidates say to each other. This election was the first election where the KKK, Black Panthers, and Russians all rose up to make sure the people voted for the “right” candidate.

Movies/TV shows

Although there are many TV shows that I myself feel were the worst shows of 2016, I decided to ask around the school and found that the majority chose “Fuller House” to be the worst show to come out this year. This show, which was released by Netflix, is a continuation of the show “Full House.” “Full House” is a family show that has been on TV for over twenty years. Although the series ended in 1995, it is still airing today. It is a widely-loved show that many people grew up with. When the news came out that Netflix was bringing it back, everyone was excited to see their favorite family back on the television screen. I, myself, had been waiting anxiously and watched the first episode of the new series the day it was released. That day was the beginning of the many disappointments that Netflix brought to this show. The show only focuses on the two older sisters “Dj” and “Steph.”  Besides not having all the beloved family members we watched every morning growing up, the show revealed that these actors who we greatly admired cannot act.  Metacritique gave this show two out of five stars for its poor quality. Even though it did not have the best response, it seems the younger kids are enjoying it. The show is slowly rising and maybe if we stay tuned long enough it will prove to be almost as good as the old series.

Bottle Flipping

What started out as a small challenge some kids made up for a talent show became an internet sensation. Most of the teen population started joining in.  This is a challenge where you try to flip a bottle half full of water and get it to land right side up. This challenge spread and even adults starting joining in. This challenge has become a teacher’s worst nightmare, as kids are doing it constantly in classes and in the lunch room.


Overall the worst thing of the year would be all the shootings and ISIS attacks. We have had so many deaths and bombings this year. From the Orlando nightclub shooting to the ISIS bombings that have spread worldwide, this year many lives were lost.



We had so many memorable events happen this year. In the end this year we had our share of good and bad things happen. Although we can dwell on the bad things that have happened to us, let us move forward and learn from these things and make next year much better.



Poll for the worst of 2016 (was this poll conducted? Are these results?  If so, write about it as a part of your concluding paragraph)

  1. The Election
  2. Bottle flipping
  3. ISIS
  4. Harambe

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