Styling for Prom

By: Taylor Lucks

Are you looking for a hot dress to impress your date for prom? Well, The Squire has come to you with some fun and original ideas on how to dress for the big day.

Prom is right around the corner and everyone is struggling to find the perfect dress to wear. There are so many different shape, sizes, and styles out there for everybody. If you are looking for the perfect dress, Seventeen Magazine has more dresses and styles than you could ever look for on your own.  The prom edition of the magazine is out right now and is a great place to look for ideas.

If you are looking for a cheap dress, then Seventeen Magazine has a variety of choices for you. They have plenty of inexpensive dresses for you to buy and nobody would ever know. They have over twenty dresses for under $100. According to Seventeen Magazine, “You don’t have to spend a ton to look like a rock star on prom night.”

Nobody wants to look the same for prom; everybody wants to look unique and look their best. Seventeen Magazine has over 20 unique prom dresses to help everyone stand out for this big night. They have everything from a unique lace, color, and style. Everybody will be shocked when you pull up in the most original dress at the dance.

Do you know your zodiac sign? Well, Seventeen Magazine has a dress for every different sign. Your dress can highlight your personality. For example, my sign is Aries; they have a two piece, green dress for $389. It may seem like it is a little bit pricey,  but you only get to go to prom a few times in your life and what’s a better way to dress than to express your personality based on your sign!

Now that you have some ideas about some different styles for prom, go and look for that perfect dress for you. We hope to see you at prom at the Willow Bay Theatre with your unique dress and date.

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