Spring into Song

By: Kayla Kuppertz Editor-in-Chief

This year, the Eisenhower Band and Orchestra’s spring concert will be held Tuesday, May 3 ay 7:30 pm. The concerts are usually on Thursdays, but with Tag Days being that weekend for the students, it is easier to hold it on Tuesday.

The concert will feature performances by the senior concert band, junior band, and the orchestra, which is open to grades six through twelve. It is at the spring concert that any seniors in the program are recognized and given a solo performance. This year the group only has one senior in orchestra and none in band. Traditionally, any attendees of PMEA festivals are recognized at the concert, meaning that Mikki Gifford will be recognized for making it to State Band in early April.

Aside from recognitions, the students will be playing the various pieces they have been practicing since the last performance. The orchestra, which hasn’t played since the Choir Coffeehouse event in early March, will be playing Mozart’s “AMADEUS!” along with “Ashokan Farewell,” which features a solo, the classic rock song “Kashmir,” “Blue Fire Fiddler,” and “Allegheny Legend.” The concert band will play songs such as “Disney Blockbusters,” “John Williams: The Symphonic Marches,” “Chant and Tribal Dance,” “Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite,” “Terminal Velocity,” “Sonata Pathetique,” and “Highlights from 1812 Overture.” They have been practicing these pieces since their last performance, the mid-winter concert in January.

The Squire spoke to band and orchestra member, Sydni Miller, about the concert. Sydni, a freshman, plays both the cello, because she “didn’t like the violin,” and the clarinet, “because I had to.” She has been playing the clarinet for five years and the cello for about seven years. When asked how being an instrumentalist has affected her life, she responded, “Well, it took over about 95% of my life.” The Squire also asked Sydni what she likes the most about performing; “I suppose I just like to play my instruments.” If Sydni could play any piece, she would play, “The Cello Suites, because you know what? I play the cello.” The concert piece she enjoys playing the most is “Allegheny Legend” and she is very optimistic about the upcoming performance. The Squire wishes all of the performers the best of luck at their concert!

Orchestra Senior Rec.

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