Couples dance at EHS prom 2015.

Preparing for Prom

By: Taylor Haner

For many girls, prom is the most magical night of their high school career. They have the perfect makeup, curled hair, a long dress, and a pair of high heeled shoes to match. There is something about getting all dolled up that girls love! It takes a lot of time to get ready, but it’s all worth it when you slay at prom.

Getting ready doesn’t happen in one day. Girls need to prep in many ways. The first way of prepping is calling in to make a hair appointment as soon as you find out the date of your prom. This way, you book the best stylist in town. If you’re not doing your own makeup you need to find someone to help with that, too! Prom is all about planning to bring the whole night together as smoothly as possible. Not to forget the most important part of the whole dance, the dress! You can take a risky route and order a dress online or go a less chancy course and travel to dress stores to search for “the one.” Shoes are also a necessity that needs to be thought of before the last minute.

The Squire interviewed an Eisenhower senior and fellow Squire staff member, Amber Gardner, to find out how she prepares for prom.

The Squire: Have you found the perfect dress yet?

Amber Gardner: Yes, my dress has an open back and it’s a peach color.

TS: Do you get your hair and makeup professionally done?

AG: Oh yeah! Or else my hair ends up looking like a rat’s nest.

TS: How long does it take you to get ready for prom?

AG: I’d say it takes me about three hours total to get ready.

TS: Do you get ready with anyone?

AG: Yeah, I usually get ready with someone, but it’s different every year.

TS: How many days before would you recommend getting your nails done?

AG: I recommend going two days before.

TS: Do you prefer to get pictures done with just your date or a group?

AG: I usually take pictures with my date and then a couple with some other people.

TS: What’s your favorite part of getting ready?

AG: I can’t decide if my favorite part is getting my hair done or putting my dress on.

As you can tell, Amber is basically a professional when it comes to planning for prom, so if any of you prom goers have questions, she’s your gal! When it comes to getting ready, it’s all about planning ahead but make sure you aren’t stressing too much and just enjoy the day.

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