Jumping into Girls’ Spring Sports

By: Emily McJunkin

Spring is always a busy time for high schoolers; it’s getting close to the end of the school year, students are preparing for finals, and everyone is anxious for summer – especially if you are in a spring sport. March first marked the first day of girls’ spring sports which consist of softball, track, and trap.

The softball team seems to have struggled the past few years with the weather and having younger players. Having a younger team isn’t necessarily a bad thing; they just don’t normally have as much experience. That also becomes a problem when playing at a varsity level against teams that are full of juniors and seniors who play at a harder level.

As for the track team, the weather doesn’t really matter – good weather is always preferred, but they don’t get the cancelations with it and are able to still practice outside when it is cold or raining. Track has always consisted of a larger variety of age groups up until this year. This year, the underclassmen definitely outnumber the upperclassman. As for most sports, it is harder to have a team full of younger athletes keeping up with the older ones. Although, their time will shine once they get older.

Our girls trap team doesn’t have many girls go out for the team in general, but the ones that do always seem to be successful and keep up with the boys, sometimes even outdo them. The girls on the team consist of three girls; Ashley Kuzminski, Brianna O’Brian, and Bailey Brucker.

The Squire sat down with one of the softball teams star players, Jocelyn Courtney, and asked for her intake on this year’s softball season.

The Squire: How does the season look so far?

Jocelyn Courtney: I don’t expect an outstanding season, but I think we will do pretty well. We have a lot of young players.

TS: Have you had any games yet? If so, how did they go?

JC: We haven’t had any games yet, but we had a scrimmage against Warren and it went a lot better than expected.

TS: What is your favorite part about the season?

JC: My favorite part about the season is preparing to go against our rival team, Youngsville.

Thank you Jocelyn for your time; it sounds like the softball team will have an unpredictable season. Good luck to all the spring sports!

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