EHS students attended the PMEA District Chorus Festival on February 5, 2016.

Eisenhower Students are Humming a Different Tune

By: Brittany Arp Junior Co-Editor

Throughout the last couple of months, students across District II have been practicing and preparing for the PMEA festivals to come. Last of the festivals to be put on this year was District Choir. On February 3 through 5, nearly 200 students from seven school districts located in the District II area came together to practice and perform the songs selected by British guest conductor and two-time Grammy award winner, Dr. Christopher Kiver of Penn State. EMHS students Anthony Monde, Sarah Dietsch, and Brittany Arp were selected to go to Corry as the Eisenhower representatives.

The Squire sat down with these songbirds to get the details of the event.

The Squire: Did you enjoy the festival music this year?      

Anthony Monde: Yes, I really liked the music. Every piece was absolutely beautiful.

Sarah Dietsch: I loved the music this year, also.

TS: Were you nervous going into your audition?

AM: Oh golly yes! I always am.

SD: I was definitely nervous going in, but it gets better once you are in the audition room.

TS: Do you prefer performing with Senior Choir or the Districts Choir?

AM: They both have their ups and downs. In Senior Choir, you’re always with your friends, while at Districts; you have the opportunity to make new friends from other schools. Plus, the Districts Choir always sounds gorgeous.

SD: Don’t get me wrong, I love Senior Choir, but performing with this group of kids was amazing. Everyone is so focused on working hard and getting everything just right, and the product is absolutely beautiful.

TS: What was your overall experience at your last Districts Festival?

AM: My experience was both happy and sad. I made new friends and got to see old friends whom I met in previous years. However, it was really sad because it is my last year.

SD: My experience was fantastic overall. Mrs. Smrcka was a lovely host and had everything organized 24/7. Dr. Kiver was absolute perfection. He was fun and entertaining, which helped the kids have fun and stay focused at the same time. I also met a lot of new people and made a lot of new friends. This festival was, by far, my favorite.

     EMHS sophomore, Laura Courson, was also selected to go to Districts, but was unable to due to illness. Sadly, none of the Eisenhower representatives are making the move onto Regionals, but we applaud their hard work and wish the best of luck to those in District II who are moving on.

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