2015 Mr. EHS winner, Louis Head

Taking on Mr. EHS

By: Grey Tucker

The annual “Mr. EHS” competition is fast approaching. With the date set at February 24, it’s sure to be a good show, as many contestants are signing up as the days go by. The competition has been every year for around five years now, and used to be run by Senora Rozanski before being taken over by our own Ms. Howe and the Journalism Club.

The competition consists of four categories: school spirit, talent, muscle competition, and formal wear. There is also a question portion of the category, giving it a Miss America-esque aura. The school spirit portion is designed to get the crowd fired up with a burst of Eisenhower chants and cheers, as each contestant shows their love for their school. The talent portion is, as in a regular talent show, something interesting that the contestants can do to entertain the audience. During the muscle portion, the contestants remove their shirts and give the audience their best Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions. Finally, the formal wear involves the contestants dressing to the nines and answering a few randomized philosophical questions. There are also individual awards for each section of the show, as well as an overall winner, “Mr. EHS.”

The Squire sat down with last year’s overall winner, Mr. EHS himself, Louie Head, and asked him a few questions about the show.

The Squire: What was your favorite section of the show last year?

Louie Head: I would say that the talent competition was the most fun overall.

TS: Which of your acts do you think sealed the deal for your win, and why?

LH: Definitely my school spirit act. It really got the crowd pumped up.

TS: Thank you, Louie, and congrats on your 100th wrestling win.

As you can see, this year’s show is sure to be a hit, as always, so bring your friends and family and watch Eisenhower’s finest duke it out on the stage for the title of “Mr. EHS.”

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