EHS prom committee is working hard to create the best 2016 prom! Pictured: Juniors Alyssa, Sabrina, and Aaron.

Planning for Prom

By: Amber Gardner Media Manager

As the end of the school year quickly approaches, so does another favorite end of the year activity – prom. Planning this exciting, yet complicated event can be very fun but also takes a lot of hard work. Eisenhower relies on the Prom Committee, advised by Mrs. Joncas, Mrs. Alexander, and Ms. Walter, to plan it and keep a well-organized schedule, determine the theme of the prom, plan fundraisers for the prom, and discuss other important features of prom. To get the scoop on planning of the prom, The Squire recently spoke with Jake Harvey, a current member of Eisenhower’s Prom Committee.

The Squire: When is prom?

Jake Harvey:  This year the dance is a little later than usual. It will be on June 4.

TS: What is the theme?

JH: The theme will be inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

TS: Where is prom being held?

JH: The Willow Bay Theatre in Jamestown, the same place as last year.

TS: What things are being done to raise money for prom?

JH: We have been selling candles, candy canes, and flowers.

TS: How many people are in prom committee?

JH: Too many.  We have a large group this year, which will be very helpful as we get ready to decorate for the big day.

TS: How often do you meet?

JH: Once a week.

TS: Do you plan on taking anyone special to the dance?  Who is your dream date?

JH: Samara, of course.

TS: Thank you for your time, Jake!

Prom will be held on June 4 at the Willow Bay Theatre in Jamestown, New York at 7 pm. It will be exciting to see how the theme of A Midsummer Night’s Dream comes together. Be sure to help fundraise for the prom by buying flowers that are still available from the prom committee! It is never too soon to start thinking of ideas on asking that special someone to prom, and it is never too soon to start looking for your perfect suit or dress!

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