Christmas Break is Calling

By: Grant Venman

Christmas break is nearly upon us and deciding what to do in the twelve days off can be a daunting task. After you spend a few days with your family opening gifts and eating Christmas dinner, there are still several days to plan. If you already have some great ideas then read no further because you are probably much more creative than I am.

Based on the weather outlook, you can throw out any ideas about anything to do with snow or winter. So skiing, romantic horse drawn sleigh rides, sledding, snowman building, or snowball fights are all out. However, if you are looking to get into the cold weather season, you could go ice skating at the Jamestown Savings Bank Ice Arena. If you don’t have your own skates, not to worry, they have reasonably priced rentals so that you can fly around the ice.

If you are looking for an indoor activity, going to see a movie with a group of friends can be fun. You could also go out to dinner or even prepare a meal yourself. While going out is fun, it can be expensive and sometimes it is just nice to relax around the house. Reading a book and drinking a warm mug of your favorite drink is enjoyable and relaxing for some. Another idea that is sometimes forgotten about is how enjoyable a board game or card game can be.

For all the people who enjoy the great outdoors, late season archery opens up again for anyone that didn’t get a deer in the first bow or rifle season. If arrows aren’t your preferred weapon of choice, muzzleloader season opens up as well over the break. Deer hunting can be a daunting task, while small game hunting is more of a calm walk through the woods with your gun and dog.

The Squire managed to secure an interview with Megan Lupole to talk about her Christmas break.

The Squire: What are your plans for the twelve day Christmas break?

Megan Lupole: After I enjoy opening presents and eating Christmas dinner with my family, I look forward to relaxing and eating Christmas cookies.

TS: What fun activities would you recommend for a bored friend over the break?

ML: I recommend spending as much time with your family because quality family time is limited.

TS: Do you prefer a white or warm Christmas?

ML: Definitely warm, the white can stay in the North Pole with Santa.

TS: Do you look forward to Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve more?

ML: Christmas Eve because Santa brings presents overnight.

TS: Thank you for your time Megan.

     Even if it doesn’t snow for Christmas this year, you now have some good ideas of what to do over your Christmas break. The whole Squire staff wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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