EHS students dance at 2015 Homecoming

Going Hard for Homecoming

By: Emily McJunkin

Who doesn’t like to start off the school year with a homecoming game and dance? Eisenhower’s homecoming dance was held on Saturday, October 3 in the cafeteria. The dance was carefully planned and expertly decorated by our student council members. Each year has a different theme; this year’s theme was Wizard of OZ and it didn’t disappoint. Among the decorations were cardboard cut outs of different characters from the movie, the famous yellow brick road, the house that fell on the Wicked Witch of the West, and many more “Oz” themed memorabilia.

The big moment that sets homecoming apart from other dances is when the homecoming court makes their grand entrance.  After being announced, the king and queen, Louie Head and Samara Warren, took part in special slow dance, followed by the rest of court.

This year there was a new DJ on board, Kenny Walter, also known as DJ-Kfreshyo.  Kennedy is very familiar with DJ-ing. Although, she hasn’t had experience DJ-ing big events, our homecoming was the first, as a matter of fact, she knows what kind of music that should be played for different occasions, the setup, the accessories, and other important details needed for a successful night of dancing. For only being 19 years old with no professional experience other than “DJ-ing” get-togethers with friends, she did a great job. She played new music, old music, and a variety of genres, keeping everyone happy and dancing all night.

The Squire had the opportunity to sit down with Kaitlyn Blake, a member of the homecoming court, and ask her about homecoming 2015.

The Squire: What is your favorite part about homecoming?

Kaitlyn Blake: My favorite part is getting ready with my friends and going hard, dancing with friends.

TS: Have you ever been asked to homecoming with a homecoming proposal or done one?

KB: I did one this year. I asked my good friend Garrett with a poster board and a cute saying.

Overall, this year’s homecoming was a success thanks to student council members. If you are interested in helping out with the dance in the future, I recommend getting involved with student council. This gives you the opportunity to share ideas and you can help build school spirit. We are looking forward to next year!

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