Getting Back the Swing

By: Jacob Hamilton

As the golf season comes to a head, all of the local courses are opening up and competing for the golfer’s rounds of golf. The Cable Hollow Golf Course is a locally owned course that has been around for quite a while. It is easy enough that anyone can play it, but the course is also used for tournaments and is considered a prestigious course for the area. As avid golfer, Logan Bellardo, says, “The tees are immaculate and the greens look like something out of GOLF magazine.”

With the beginning of the season comes the beginning of the work. It takes a lot of hours of hard work to get the course ready for the season. As an employee at Cable, I know first-hand the work that goes into preparing the course for golfers and improving the overall experience each season. The recent bouts of rain, snow, and sleet haven’t allowed people to get out and golf like they usually would this time of the year. Although last year there was about one hundred or one hundred fifty yards of drainage pipe installed to remove excess water on the greens, the weather did not permit golfers to start their season when they usually would. So far, the new system has held up very well and has kept the water in the low spots under control.

The Squire talked to the former Warren County Golf Team coach and eighth grade science teacher, Mr. Heubach, about what he thought about the course. In his opinion, in the last ten years or so the course has progressively gotten harder as the trees grow and the shooting lanes get smaller and smaller. The course is the best kept course in the area, and the staff works hard to make sure it stays that way. Every part of the course is mowed at least once a week, with the greens and tees being mowed every day of the week. There are seven full time employees that solely do grounds and mowing. Twice a year, the whole outer edge of the course is weed wacked, which takes three guys about two days to get done. In general, the ground keeping is flawless, which helps to make Cable one of the best courses in Warren County. So, if you are a golfer or have ever thought about going, take a nice afternoon this spring and go play!

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