Where are They Now?: Steven Haner

By: Taylor Haner

Do you ever wonder what has happened to your graduated Knights? Have they all disappeared from Warren County? Or are they hiding in the shadows of your town? Well, The Squire is here to answer your questions about where one of the former Knights, Steven Haner, has been all these months since graduation.

The Squire: After you graduated Eisenhower High School, what have you been doing?

Steven Haner: I have been guiding big game hunts in Montana and Wyoming.

TS: Do you plan on continuing a career as a guide for the rest of your life?

SH: Yes, I plan on continuing my work in these western states and settling down in Wyoming.

TS: How does living in Montana and Wyoming affect your life in Pennsylvania?

SH: I’ve missed out on friends and family events and most holidays.

TS: What advice do you have for the graduating seniors?

SH: Don’t second guess your decisions and experience life while you’re young.

TS: This time last year did you see yourself where you are now?

SH: Yes, because this is where I have always seen myself being.

TS: What do you miss about High School?

SH: I really miss wrestling and also seeing my friends every day.

Steven left for Montana to go to a guide school around July 20th, 2014. Here, he learned all there is to know about hunting big game. After he received his guiding license, he went to Wyoming to work for a guide service where he stayed on the mountains on and off for a month. He did some guiding in Wyoming and also packing. Packing is taking the hunters’ gear up the mountain on a donkey to where they would be staying. After Wyoming, he went back to Montana to guide hunts in Roundup. Steven enjoys doing this and would like to continue a life as a guide in Wyoming. Thank you for your time, Steven, and good luck out West. If you’re interested in becoming a guide after graduation, give Steven a call and he’ll tell you all you need to know.

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