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2015 Stars of the Stage

In hopes of becoming the champion of talent, students in grades K-12 at EHS came together to compete in the annual Talent Show on November 11th.  Although there were many talented students with artistic abilities, only few could become the stars of the show.  Because the show was split into two categories, elementary and a combination of middle and high school, there were a few winners of the competition.  At the elementary level, participants ranged from grades 2-5 but the second graders stole the show.  The first place winner was Layla Edwards, who sang and danced to “Grand Old Flag.” Her Veterans Day performance stole the hearts of the judges.  In second place was Shawn Miller, who sang and danced to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” Finally, in third place was Rachel Colbertson, who danced to “Waltz of the Flowers” from the Nutcracker.  In the high school category, taking home the first place title was Morgan and Shannon Kellogg, singing “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes. In second place was Mikki Gifford and Naomi Haight, preforming an original Panic! At The Disco medley. Congratulations to all of the 2015 Talent Show contestants and winners!

Changes to W-IKE News

By: Logan Eadie

You all know and love the W-IKE news team, but this year the crew has some big changes planned. In the past years, there have always been two anchors, but this year there are five groups of four reporting on everything from sports to entertainment news.

You may have noticed the anchors in a few of the episodes have mustaches, and if you’re wondering, they are 100% authentic. The anchors pride themselves on their ability to grow mustaches in little to no time at all. Sure this must sound like a blessing, but having to shave after every show gets pretty time consuming. Besides the anchors’ new and wonderful ability to grow mustaches, they are still the anchors you know and love.

The two main anchors this fall are Louie Head and Logan Eadie; they bring you everything from guidance news to upcoming sporting events. There is a plan to rotate the main anchors each nine weeks, bringing in a new duo to keep you entertained.  We also have the separate news teams that alternate every week.  The news teams will bring new faces and new segments your way. Additionally, we have designated producers rotating turns doing the final edits and helping to make the news show the best it can be.  Grant Venman and Kayla Kupptertz will serve as co-producers for this school year.

This year we have kept some of the same segments, like Knight-walking, but we’ve also added all new segments. The new segments include sports, editorials, entertainment and Puns with Kayla.

This new way of W-IKE is sure the best way to get your fix of news from all things Eisenhower.  Stay tuned!

Lady Knights are Tearing it Up

By: Jacob Hamilton

This fall, the girls sports here at Eisenhower are off to a solid start.  Their work in the offseason has paid off, as they are all experiencing competitive seasons .  Girls soccer is the best conditioned they have been in over a decade, as the coach has gained a new appreciation for running and feels that being the better conditioned team on the field is a huge advantage.  Volleyball worked their butts off during crash week to get ready for this season and has also been putting their conditioning to good use. Continue reading Lady Knights are Tearing it Up