The Student Spotlight Shines on Alyssa Fuchs

By: Haley Eckman

     This winter, The Squire interviewed Alyssa Fuchs for our student spotlight. After graduation at the end of this school year, Alyssa plans on going to Penn State University, which has been a lifelong goal of hers. This goal is going to become her reality, as she was accepted just a few weeks ago. As a senior at Eisenhower, Alyssa is an active member of Student Council and National Honor Society and is excited to see what life will bring her after graduation.

     The Squire asked her a few questions about her high school experience, as well as what her future brings.

The Squire (TS): What are your plans for the future?

Alyssa: My plans for the future after graduation are to attend Penn State University, become a lawyer, and move somewhere sunny.
TS: Is there a favorite memory you have from your high school experience?
Alyssa: Every class with Mr. Heffern, homecomings, and proms, and spending every day with my best friends.
TS: What advice do you have for underclassmen?
Alyssa: My advice to them would be to work extra hard, study for those tests, and enjoy your time in high school. It will fly by and, before you know it, you’ll be done.
TS: What were the deciding factors for you to go to Penn State?
Alyssa: We are mainly a Penn State family, so I grew up always wanting to go to there. My goal since I was five was to get accepted into University Park. I love the campus, the atmosphere, and the educational opportunities.
TS: What are you majoring in and why is that your major of choice?
Alyssa: I’m majoring in pre-law because I would like to bring justice to people. I’ve watched movies and live footage of the courtroom, and I’ve always thought that’s something I could be successful at.
TS: What are you most excited about when going to college?
Alyssa: I’m most excited to meet tons of new people, get a great education, and become a Nittany Lion.

            Thank you, Alyssa, for participating in our interview. The Squire hopes that becoming a Nittany Lion will be everything you are hoping it will be. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

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